Domain assignments for the putative target proteins found in NC_009036.1

Hover mouse over the colored boxes to see domains; the VR-encoding region for each target protein is indicated by a yellow bar below the protein. (explain)
Target gene: NC_009036.1_12086_16036_- (VR-encoding: 1270-1315 aa; domain assignment in txt)
Big_2: 564-636 aa Big_2: 912-984 aa Big_2: 1087-1167 aa Big_2: 303-375 aa Big_2: 390-462 aa Big_2: 738-810 aa Big_2: 825-897 aa Big_2: 477-549 aa Big_2: 651-723 aa Big_2: 999-1071 aa CLec2: 1279-1314 aa Big_2: 131-212 aa Big_2: 217-298 aa