myDGR report for C1505893

Seq: C1505893 (4327 bp)

Download:  annotation in gff; reverse transcriptase (RT); target gene; accessory gene

Explore:   TR-VR alignment (colored, MSA); domain organization of the target protein(s); similar RTs

Visualize: summary of the putative DGR system(s) (explain)

Feature: CDS Location: 28-231 bp Feature: CDS Location: 388-774 bp Feature: CDS Location: 780-1199 bp Feature: RT Des: DGR reverse transcriptase Location: 1196-2347 bp Feature: CDS Location: 2447-2860 bp Feature: accessory Des: PAG3 Location: 2914-3381 bp Feature: target Des: target gene diversified by DGR Location: 3540-4325 bp Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG.